Frequently Asked Questions

Your order is being made by hand in my small at-home studio. Sometimes I have a few ready-made items and can ship them out asap, but sometimes they have to be made completely from scratch. I also tend to work in batches and therefore wait a couple of days to complete larger batches of orders together in order to better manage my time. If you ever have concerns or questions about your order, just reach out to me!

Not every order. Anything under 2 oz (between 1-8 stickers) will ship without tracking information, unless specified at checkout! Anything over 2oz will come in a bubble pack and have tracking information. Larger items such as clothing and other merchandise will come with tracking!

Order under 2oz will typically come in a 5x7 envelope that will be bright colored so that you do not mistake it for junk mail. The envelope will most likely be light blue, like my website color, but can vary from time to time.

Larger orders will come in blue bubble mailers or boxes!

Yes! I do not take every request but will work with you if you need something made. I do have a minimum quantity and price will vary with the complexity. I can design items in way more styles than just cartoon and have done custom work for websites, logos, digital media, and much more! If you are interested in custom work send me a message below, via email, or DM me on Instagram!

  • I value open communication and prompt responses, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions, feedback or special requests. I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You can also always reply to any of the order emails you have received!

    For a quicker reply, follow and DM me on Instagram @_panicvectors

     Direct Email:

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